Thursday, August 03, 2006


Including some of my latest verse forms and articles here ..

Real or Surreal!

She dances in the woods
with all gaiety
Tucked up in a world of
xanthic bliss and beauty

She feels ecstatic
as the ambience goes wild
Chequered; as the twilight seems to be;
she flails her comely feathers
as an impish glint surrounds her fluttering eyelids

When strangely, a mood of melancholy descends on her,
Enveloped with a sliver of uncanny forethought
the peahen glances at her ugly feet;
As she recedes her stately gait
only to confront the fag end of her imprudence

“..the waves of imagination have indeed
struck the (stark) walls of reality...”

The Power of "Self"

A withered bough
On a side shaggy pond,
Thou shalt be bound
With an aura of pride and prejudice
Spanning out to a great length
On a shanty parched up glen...

Memories float with raving fusion
As if irrevocably betrothed to revulsion
With subtle thoughts in mind
And wires crossed up in bind
I prayeth thee "Oh Holy Power
From the eternal bliss thou shalt shower
Through the winds of change
Thou shalt hence decipher
The immense glory of "Self" that appears as thee!

When suddenly thy heart lost a beat
With an ever blossomed angelic face accruing
My "Self"!..trailing on the twinkling stars
Prodigious galloping off the shores
Shimmering away with the reflections
And stupefied to good heart again..!

Luck nay sine quo non!

Across the way
thus far I go
with subtle thoughts in mind
and wires crossed up in bind.

Evincing all its wiles
fortune beckons all the while
What so matters is luck
for it favours the backbone, nay wishbone!

Holy One! turn me into a fit instrument
with nerves of steel and brawns of grit
While I work for works sake,
for I am only disappointed, nay discouraged!

A ‘Choice’

I often mull over the concept of ‘choice’. I mean come to think of it, one cannot possibly deny that the cosmic world revolves around this bleary yet vivid notion. Indeed that is a precipitous statement. The oft repeated maxim, “Life is full of choices not chances” carries with it a weighted, intricate message. Of course the subtlety of any claim, read ‘maxim’ has to be analyzed from all possible quarters before arriving at a concrete conclusion. So naysayers the stake lies in making a ‘choice’ now!

I wouldn’t delve deep into the standard matrix definition of the word ‘choice’ here, yet I do aver that everything is after all “a matter of choice”. The choice to tailor our lives would affect the way we live. If I have a creative idea in my mind’s eye which I believe would take shape, I may not simply go ahead unless I make a choice to actually feed my school of thought. Few may call it the ‘will’ to do so? But how does it matter as this attribute per se is a matter of choice.

There’s an age old saying that maintains that an individual tends to obtain what he/she deserves nay what he/she desires. If I make a choice apropos of whether or not I should say/do something, I end up getting what I deserve, the fruit of my ‘karma’ so to say. On the contrary if I stand to take life as it unfolds leaving almost everything to chance, there is a fat chance that I would land up with a blend of unexpected sometimes undesired outcomes.

Speaking of which, I’ve encountered many-a-choice in my span of four years at BITS. I had to make choices that covered a wide spectrum of aspects ranging from the complex ‘choice of discipline’ to the much simpler ‘choice of psenti’ (All you guys with psentis out there please note -NO PUN INTENDED!). Then continued the saga of choices starting from which professor to attend, or whether or not attend someone in the first place followed by a much graver choice of readying to handle the entire burden of the curriculum itself, without any external involvement whatsoever!

The sophomore year was a year full of choices. It was the elective season mind! Of course the choice of opting for a room/wing wasn’t all that nerve-wracking as I only had to scout around for possible vacancies and give away my name to fill up a free slot. In essence, my role was to consummate a ‘wing’! And then the aftermath of it was a mere extension of the one of the staid old principles of Murphy’s Law. So I conceive it’d be in the fitness of things if I highlight the more significant zones of choices rather than clinging on to the niggling facets of the mundane monotony that do not, in all conscience, deserve a mention.

Time and days rolled on until I was thrust to encounter the mother of all choices, a choice that perhaps concerns a majority of the Bitsians! Yeah the ‘choice of placement’, a choice that would determine the future course of action for any bitsian vis-à-vis his career. I do not however intend to stretch this issue further. I’d only limit myself to the Bitsian precept in order to save space for the subject in hand.

As a matter of fact (choice?), the thought/act of putting pen to paper to compose an article for ‘Phenomenon’ is a ‘choice’, much to the disbelief of many who feel that they are being fettered by the leash of my obfuscating hypothesis. All said and done, the basic tenet of life is ‘choice’. It sustains the human race and it has the potential to rock the very foundation of human existence. Merely making a choice doesn’t suffice; what should in fact run in sync is developing ‘faith’ alongside. Have a little faith in whatever you say/do. Follow your conscience and you’re almost there! You’ve made the right choice.

My dear folks, do not reject the past or future. Also do not live only in the past or future. Learn from the past, enjoy the present and plan for the future. Be present in the past and thereby learn from the past, be present in the future, thereby plan for it. The ‘choice’ is yours!